MBA Program Overview

What Is the Value of an MBA?

Develop your business skills

The business world is constantly changing—but the skills required for success are not. With a Franciscan University MBA degree, you will grow in effective leadership, communication, time management, and critical thinking—as well as the time-honored principles of Catholic social teaching and Christian ethics.

Strengthen your expertise

Take the next step in your career! Our core courses provide real-world managerial perspectives in accounting, economics, finance, marketing, supply chain management, and strategy.  Adding a concentration to your course of study allows you to graduate with an MBA degree uniquely tailored to your interests and career path.

Expand your network

By networking with others in the program, including like-minded mid-career professionals, an MBA offers increased job opportunities and an   expanded professional network.

Increase your salary

According to a 2022 study conducted by the Graduate Management Admission Council, MBA graduates earned significantly more than those without degrees. The mean starting salary for MBA graduates was $115,000, and these graduates are expected to earn, over their lifetime, $3 million more than those without an MBA degree.


Is This MBA Program for You?

Program Structure:

Fully online in an asynchronous approach

  • Students can access materials and complete assignments according to their own schedule and location.
  • There are weekly submission deadlines; however, students can work ahead to accommodate personal and professional commitments.

Eight-week sessions

  • Two each fall, spring and summer
  • Classes start six different times per year

Franciscan University’s online MBA program is designed for business professionals in all stages of their careers who are looking to advance to the next level and make a difference in their businesses and organizations.

Those who would benefit from this program include:

  • Current managers who want to acquire the skills needed to move up the organizational ladder
  • Administrative assistants who plan to move into management and leadership
  • Recent business bachelor grads who want increased career opportunities
  • Non-business bachelor grads who want to improve their marketability
  • Entrepreneurs who want to put their business ideas into action

The MBA Program is designed to make this degree possible for busy business professionals with family and life responsibilities looking for an excellent, flexible, and affordable online MBA Program grounded in solid ethical and business principles.


Can an MBA Degree Be Used to Glorify God?


Franciscan University recognizes the invaluable responsibility of the laity—small business owners, recruitment officers, bankers, human resource directors, project managers, CEOs, and CFOs.

The lay faithful “are called by God so that they … might contribute to the sanctification of the world, as from within like leaven, by fulfilling their own particular duties.” —Christifidelis Laici, No. 15

God is calling you to create, to lead, to build. He gifted you with an intellect and an imagination.

This calling is important. Every decision a leader makes affects the lives and futures of real people, people who deserve respect and care.

In this MBA program, you will learn solid business practices in light of Catholic social teaching. You will see how you can live out your personal vocation while managing a team, setting key performance indicators, or drafting a budget.

Here, with our experienced faculty, you will find real-world practicality on a wide range of business topics. You will also find answers to questions like: How do human dignity, the common good, subsidiarity, and solidarity inform better organizational decisions?

We know our MBA students are called to more than effective leadership—you’re called to leadership as your vocation.

Program Requirements

Students can choose to complete an MBA degree (30 credits) or an MBA with a Concentration (36 credits).

  • MBA degree requirements:
    • Core courses (27 credits)
    • One elective course (3 credits)
    • Total credits required: 30 credits
  • MBA degree with a concentration requirements:
    • Core courses (27 credits)
    • Concentration courses (9 – 12 credits)
    • Total credits required: 36-39 credits

Concentrations available: Finance, Leadership or Marketing 

Contact Graduate Admissions for additional information about concentrations.


Core Courses: 

BUS 601 Business Ethics and the Law 

BUS 605 Effective Leadership 

BUS 612 Economics for Managers 

BUS 614 Managerial Accounting 

BUS 701 Organizational Behavior and Communications 

BUS 710 Marketing Management 

BUS 720 Financial Management 

BUS 730 Production & Operations Management 

BUS 900 Business Policy and Strategy 


Franciscan University MBA students examine:

  • analytical and behavioral techniques
  • institutional considerations confronting managers
  • problem solving skills and decision-making techniques essential to effective management.

An emphasis on teambuilding, communication, and leadership skills will further equip MBA graduates to work in a wide range of organizational settings.

Graduating from the MBA Program at Franciscan University will position students to either assume greater responsibility with a current employer or to seek new management opportunities in the broader market.

Our graduates are employed at a number of leading organizations, including: Alcoa, Amazon, Bristol Myers Squibb, Covestro, Degreed, Dynamic Catholic, EQT Corporation, Gartner Group, Green Dot, Huntington, KPMG, J.B. Hunt, JP Morgan Chase, Lenovo, Pepsico, Protiviti, State Farm, UnitedHealth Group, and the USTA.

See the course requirements and course descriptions in the Academic Catalog.

4 + 1 Program

Current Franciscan University undergraduate students can apply and be accepted into the 4 + 1 MBA program as juniors (70 completed credits). 

Pre-requisites include a 2.8 overall GPA and specific accounting, business, and economics courses. No GMAT required. 

Students must complete the following courses with a minimum B- in each: 

  • ACC 207 Financial Accounting 
  • ACC 208 Managerial Accounting 
  • ECO 202 Principles of Economics II (Micro)  
  • ECO 212 Fundamentals of Business Statistics or a different (200-level or higher) university statistics course. 

During your senior year, 4 + 1 students accepted into the program can take up to three graduate-level courses (9 credits) as part of the usual full-time undergraduate tuition. The three graduate courses count toward completion of both your bachelor’s and MBA degree. 

You can complete the remaining MBA credits (21-27) online in one year after you complete your bachelor’s degree. 

Program Admissions

How to Apply for Admission

Gaining admission to the MBA Program is simple, and we are ready to help you navigate the process. Here are the items we need:

  1. Application
  2. Official Bachelor Transcript and Official Transcripts with Relevant Transfer Credit
  3. Current Résumé or CV
  4. Three Letters of Recommendation

Email them to [email protected].

Or mail them to:

Graduate Admissions

Franciscan University of Steubenville
1235 University Blvd.
Steubenville, Ohio 43952


An Investment in Your Future

The costs associated with the MBA Program include:

  • MBA: $550* per credit hour x 30 hours = $16,500
  • MBA with concentration: $550* per credit hour x 36 hours = $20,350
  • Additional coursework: $550* per credit hour

*For the 2023-2024 academic year


Contact Us

If you have any questions or need help, please contact Graduate Admissions at [email protected] or 740-284-5239.

Academic Catalog

View the MBA Online Program on the Graduate Catalog

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Prof. Jeffrey Rankin

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Douglas Perry

Interim Chair; Instructor & Executive Director of the Leadership Institute; Business Advisory Board Chairman

Anderson, Jonathan

Jonathan Anderson

Head of Growth360, Cetera Financial Group

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Douglas Perry

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Professor Jeffrey Rankin

Prof. Jeffrey Rankin

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Dr. Michael Welker

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