Paul Herlihey

Paul Herlihey ’18

When Paul Herlihey started his internship with Kevin Sullivan Communications, he didn’t try for anything flashy or ostentatious to stand out. Rather, he put his head down and went to work.

Herlihey credits his time at Franciscan University for instilling in him that work ethic, particularly through the guidance of Nancy Ronevich, director of Career Services, and Ron McNamara, coordinator of Student Leadership Development. He says they taught him career tips, like the importance of LinkedIn, résumé writing, and professionalism.

It was through McNamara’s encouragement that Herlihey connected with Sullivan, former White House communications director and founder of Kevin Sullivan Communications, at a Franciscan University Center for Leadership event. Through that connection (and hard work), Herlihey obtained a post-graduate internship at ESPN’s headquarters in Bristol, Connecticut.

In his previous internship with Sullivan, Herlihey researched public relation tactics, NFL athletes and other sports figures, their public image, and digital media trends for colleges, video game companies, and professional teams.

While Herlihey has grown professionally, he also values his spiritual growth.

“Growth is about developing into the best version of yourself,” Herlihey says. “That comes from asking questions like ‘Who do I want to be? How can I become that person?’”

Herlihey went on to say that some of his greatest spiritual growth through prayer, introspection, and virtue was under the guidance of Bob Siemens, director of the Office of Evangelization at Franciscan.

“I can honestly say that the people I have encountered, my opportunities, and experiences at Franciscan University have helped shape my vision of life and the world in my end goal, salvation.”

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