Dcn. Dr. Michael Welker

Professor of Economics
Director of Catholic Business Management and Entrepreneurship

  • Ph.D. International Economics, Kent State University, Graduate School of Management (2003), summa cum laude
  • M.A. Economics (concentration in business economics), University of South Florida
  • B.S. Economics/Philosophy, Franciscan University (1989), summa cum laude
  • A.A., St. Petersburg College, Business Administration, cum laude

Professional Experience

  • Senior Vice President and shareholder, C.G. Menk & Associates, Gambrills, MD
  • Part-owner, Interact Solutions Group, Inc. – Business and marketing consultancy with expertise in information security analysis and management consulting
  • Principal Management Analyst, Georgia Department of Audits
  • Manager, Wherehouse Entertainment, Inc. (Saratoga, CA and San Jose, CA)

Professional Affiliations

  • National Association of Securities Dealers
  • Omicron Delta Epsilon, lifetime honorary member, economics scholars’ society
  • Secular Franciscan Order
  • Society of Catholic Social Scientists
  • Academic Operations Committee
  • Student Life and Learning Committee
  • Faculty Enrichment Committee
Select Publications
  • Dr. Michael Welker- “Ancillary Author – online quiz software, Thomas, Managerial Economics 8/e, McGraw-Hill” Ancillary Author – online quiz software, Thomas, Managerial Economics 8/e, McGraw-Hill
  • Dr. Michael Welker-“Basic growth theory” “Basic growth theory,” manuscript under review. Now in editorial rewrite/editing stage. Pending via VDM-Verlag, Germany
  • Dr. Michael Welker-Book Review Journal of Markets and Morality, Insights into Game Theory Book Review Journal of Markets and Morality, Insights into Game Theory, by Ein-ya Gura and Michael B. Maschler. In 2009

Full List

  • Dr. Michael Welker-Inflation Policy, VDM-Verlag Inflation Policy, VDM-Verlag. 2009
  • Dr. Michael Welker-Textbook Reviewer – full textbook manuscript Textbook Reviewer – full textbook manuscript, Carbaugh, International Economics 10/e, Addison-Wesley
  • Dr. Michael Welker-“The natural law in economic analysis” “The natural law in economic analysis,” in peer review, Journal of Markets & Morality
  • Dr. Michael Welker – From Encounter to Economy “From Encounter to Economy: The Religious Dimensions of Economic Experience,” from Flamesong Press, 2012.
  • Dr. Michael Welker – Religious Commitment and Lying for Economic Gain
    “Religious Commitment and Lying for Economic Gain: The Case of Intense Faith Commitment,” presenting to Association for the Study of Religion, Economics, and Culture 2013 Annual Conference to be held in Washington DC from 11-14 April 2013
  • Dr. Michael Welker – Summer Institutes in Catholic Social Thought Conference speaker: “Summer Institutes in Catholic Social Thought: Perspectives for Business Leaders,” June-July, 2013, in Ghana, Togo, and Nigeria (sponsored by Catholic Institute for Business & Technology, Ghana, and Catholic University of America)
  • Dr. Michael Welker – The Economics of Good and Evil, a Review Book Review: “The Economics of Good and Evil,” in Markets & Morality, Vol. 15, No. 1, Fall 2012.
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