Education Bachelor's Degree Program

Prepare for professional teaching license exams using research-based best practices in an accredited education degree program at Franciscan University of Steubenville in Ohio. The undergraduate program curriculum integrates Catholic identity with the teaching environment to help you learn how to educate, form, and evangelize students and Disciples of Christ.

Choose from the following CAEP accredited concentration areas for Ohio state licensure:

  • Primary (P-5) Education
  • Intervention Specialist (K-12)
  • Primary (P-5) and Intervention Specialist (K-12)
  • Middle Childhood (4 – 9) Math, Language Arts and Reading, or Social Studies (choose two areas of concentration)
  • Adolescent Young Adult (7 – 12 )Integrated English Language Arts
  • Adolescent Young Adult (7 – 12 )Integrated Mathematics
  • Adolescent Young Adult (7 – 12 )Integrated Social Studies

For more information about meeting the educational requirements for licensure in other states please see the updated licensure disclosures.

Answer the call with Catholic morals and values

With the Education Program at Franciscan University of Steubenville, future teachers are formed through a curriculum rooted in best teaching practices and illuminated by the Catholic faith. They then go forth to provide their own students with an integrated education, helping them grow intellectually and personally.

Explore More of the Education Bachelor’s Degree Program

Here are just a few other ways Franciscan’s education bachelor’s degree program stands out from the rest:

Financial aid and scholarships:

  • From federal aid to student loan programs, many options are available to make your Catholic education major affordable.
  • Visit the Franciscan Office of Financial Aid for information on the Teach Grant, Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program, and more for future educators.


Hands-on learning:

  • Discover the art of teaching — how to present content, how to connect and motivate your students, and how culture affects what happens in the classroom — with valuable field experience, including international and service-learning opportunities.
  • You will observe and assist teachers at local Catholic schools and in other education settings, and eventually student teach to learn and practice the basics of planning curriculums, assessing students, using educational technology, and developing effective and age-appropriate teaching techniques.


Undergraduate research:

  • Research opportunities are integrated into the course work. The Action Research Project, for example, involves the design of a plan, application of formative and summative assessment using research-based practices, and diagnosis of student needs in order to implement differentiated instruction.


Experienced instructors:

  • Previously responsible for the formation and nurturing of students in a variety of classroom environments, Franciscan education faculty members are outstanding models of professionalism and service, and are committed to lifelong learning and constant conversion of the Catholic faith.
  • They know what it means to plan, design, and execute assessment and instruction for individual learning outcomes while working with administrators, parents, and the community to provide the universal right of education to each individual student they serve.
What Can You Do With an Education Degree?

Students graduating with an education bachelor’s degree from Franciscan University in Ohio are highly sought after for education jobs in public, Catholic, parochial, private, charter, STEM, missionary, online, and home schools in Ohio, across the country, and around the world.

Potential Job Titles

  • Principals and Assistant Principals
  • Adjunct Faculty
  • Directors of Education
  • Technology Integration Specialists
  • Lead Teachers
  • Curriculum Director
  • Administrative Specialist
  • Special Education Director
  • Assistant Superintendent or Superintendent
Academic Catalog

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DataSTARS is the result of work done out of a grant called: Preparing Teachers to Use a Variety of Evidence-Based Reading Strategies & Tools in the Science of Reading through Creation of a Shared Virtual Database: A Collaboration between Pre-service and In-service Educators – Applied in Virtual & F2F Environments.

  • This virtual database houses demonstrations and tutorial videos of reading strategy evidence-based practices (EBPs). These EBPs can be implemented in the classroom. The artifacts shared within the database can be used as teaching tools in the K-12 classroom to improve literacy.
  • The work through this project presented opportunities for authentic partnerships with school partners to occur in order to promote purposeful collaboration between preservice and in-service educators at the P-20 level.
  • An objective of this work is to improve access for struggling and ALL learners with high quality literacy instruction, to be shared with school partners.
  • Another objective is to provide both preservice and in-service educators the opportunity to share inquiry into common reading literacy challenges with the goal of improving literacy results for ALL learners.

Learn more here.

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Alumni Profiles
Beyond the Classroom
Franciscan GRACE Conference

In recent years, education majors have won first place for their research and professional development creations at the GRACE Conference. Franciscan’s conference on research, artistry, and community engagement provides opportunities for undergraduate students to showcase their learning while sharing resources with local educators and administrators.

Catholic Service Learning

Join your peers in practicing professional leadership through student clubs and activities, such as Chiron, Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society, Student Council for Exceptional Children, Students Serving Moms, local outreach through Martin Luther King Jr. Recreation Center, Weirton Christian, Parish School of Religion, America Reads Programs, and mission trips.

Study Abroad in Austria

Immerse yourself in diverse and culturally relevant teaching experiences. Through Franciscan University’s Austria Program, you can receive an international field placement for an opportunity to teach in one of six schools in Gaming and Schiebbs, Austria. In the Active Learning: Science & Social Studies for the Young Child course, you can teach social studies units to English language learners in Austria.

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Department Faculty Achievements
Ethically Formed. Prepared to Serve. Trained to Lead.
Undergraduate Education Faculty
Tiffany Boury portrait 9-11-2020 -9628

Dr. Tiffany Boury

Professor of Education
Senior International Officer

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Mark Miller portrait 9-11-2020 -9698-2

Dr. Mark Miller

Assistant Professor

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Dr. Reister

Dr. Megan Reister


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Dr. Rebecca Rook

Dr. Rebecca Rook

Associate Professor

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Dr. Emily Sobeck

Associate Professor

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