Paul J. Boyles III

Adjunct Instructor of Criminal Justice

  • BA: Cornell College
  • MA: University of Kentucky
  • Ph.D.: University of Kentucky (ABD, Anticipated Dissertation Completion 2024)
  • Kentucky Law Enforcement Council Criminal Justice Executive Development Graduate,
Experience and Memberships

Law Enforcement Experience: Patrol, Investigations (Crimes Against Children, Robbery-Homicide), Internal Affairs, Certified Instructor (Ethics, Leadership, and Crisis Intervention), Special Operations Event Planning

Memberships: Institute for Law Enforcement Administration Alumni Association, American Philosophical Association, American Catholic Philosophical Association, International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association

Most Recent Projects

Dissertation on A Thomistic Account of Virtue and Vice Formation

Current Police Projects: Recruiting, Internship Program, Application of Thomistic Virtue Ethics to Police Ethics, Policing as a Discerned Vocation

Department Faculty