Kevin Codd ’10


Kevin Codd earned his bachelor’s in nursing from Franciscan in 2010. Codd grew up in Ashville, North Carolina. After graduating, he worked as a nurse and briefly held a position as an assistant coach for the Franciscan men’s cross-country team, before moving back to North Carolina, where he currently resides. Codd and his wife enjoy running, and have recently gotten into hobby-farming, raising chickens and bees.

After working various nursing jobs, Codd decided that he wanted to take his career further once he got married, so he pursued a degree in mathematics. He currently works as a manager for a clinical research company. This involves overseeing the work of clinical research associates who test new medicines and medical equipment. He loves that it gives him the chance to continue learning regularly, as he is constantly working with new technology.

Codd is thankful for the strong positive peer pressure he experienced while at Franciscan. “All of my male friends were a very good influence on me,” he mentioned, “I shudder to think about how I would have turned out had I not gone to Franciscan.” He was also impacted by the incorporation of spirituality into the athletic programs. His cross-country team always prayed the rosary on the way to meets. Codd recalls one instance in which their bus driver was so taken aback seeing the athletes praying that he requested to be their permanent driver.

His advice to students is to start planning for your career as soon as you can. After graduation, Codd advises students not to limit themselves geographically—to be open to wherever your career will take you. He has been guided by his faith every step of the way, and encourages others not to be afraid to do the same, stating the virtues he has learned from his faith such as honesty and humility have helped his career in unexpected ways.

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