Chelsea Graham

Chelsea Graham ’14

Social Work

Chelsea Graham says that her combination of classes and field placements provided both the theory and the practice necessary to become a professional social worker. Since Franciscan is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE), and Chelsea is in the Advanced Standing Program, many of Chelsea’s classes count toward her master’s degree, which she is currently pursuing in addition to working part time as a behavioral health professional with a family services agency.In her career, Chelsea works with families who have children with behavioral problems, specifically families with children who have autism, intellectual disabilities, Down syndrome, and other mental health issues.

Chelsea works with children, helping them get through daily tasks they might struggle with, she and educates families on the best ways to interact with their child. She goes into their homes to help them adjust to having guests in their home, going grocery shopping, brushing their teeth, or other daily struggles.

A grant recipient, Chelsea’s advanced degree tuition is being paid for by the State of New Hampshire’s Department of Children, Youth, and Families. In exchange, Chelsea will works for the department once she’s completed her advanced degree.

As a student serving as vice president of the Instruments of Peace Social Work Club, Chelsea interacted with social workers throughout the Steubenville community. She was also able to do service work with the Boys and Girls Club of West Virginia and intern with Catholic Charities.

Through these experiences, Chelsea learned how to develop assessment skills working with low income families, how to conduct home visits, case management, and work with children with disabilities and developmental delays.

“My supervisor allowed me to sit in on several client meetings and facilitate my own,” says Chelsea. “I also took on my own clients. The internship gave me the assurance that I am called to be a social worker and Franciscan prepared me well.”

“I will never be able to replace the education I received from Franciscan,” says Chelsea Graham. “I learned how to be a good Catholic and a good social worker — to never put my values and ethics aside for my job, and how to use my faith without crossing boundaries.”

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