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Department of Counseling and Social Work

Department of

Counseling and Social Work

Dr. Kathleen Belanger

Dr. Kathleen Belanger

Professor of Social Work

Director of the Social Work Program


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  • Bachelor of Arts, Catholic University of America, Psychology
  • Master of Science in Social Work, University of Texas at Austin
  • Doctor of Philosophy, University of Houston

Professional Experience

  • Professor and Director, Social Work Program, Franciscan University
  • Professor Emeritus, Stephen F. Austin State University
  • Consultant, National Resource Center for Diligent Recruitment (of Foster and Adoptive Homes)
  • Member National Advisory Committee for Rural Health and Human Services
  • Consultant, Community and Program Development and Program Evaluation
  • Program Director for Purchased Services, Child Protective Services
  • Director, Child Welfare Professional Development Program (Title IV-E), Stephen F. Austin State University

Professional Memberships

  • Council on Social Work EducationRural Policy Research Institute, Human Services Panel
  • American Evaluation Association
  • Catholic Social Workers National Association
  • Public Policy Advisory Committee, CWLA
  • Champion for Rural Children, Child Welfare League of America, 2006
  • Social Worker of the Year, Catholic Social Work National Association, 2015
  • Service Award, Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, 2005
  • National Association of Social Workers, Social Worker of the Year, 2001 (East Texas)
  • Distinguished Professor Award, 2011, Stephen F. Austin State University
Select Publications
  • McRoy, R. & Belanger, K. (2014). Examining racial disproportionality through research: A handbook for social work education. Arlington, VA: CWLA Press.
  • Green, D., Belanger, K., McRoy, R. & Bullard, L. (Eds.) (2011). Challenging racial disproportionality in child welfare: Research, policy and practice. Arlington, VA: CWLA Press.
  • Belanger, K. & Brooks, S. (2010). Guidelines for cultural competence in rural child welfare. Arlington, VA: CWLA Press.

Full List

  • Belanger, K. Rural child welfare: The importance of community in human service deserts. (2018). In C. James-Brown, D.S. Wolfe, J. Collins, R. Adams, et al. (Eds.), Child maltreatment in insular and isolated communities. Washington, DC: CWLA Press.
  • Belanger, K. (April, 2016). Examining Social Determinants of Health in Rural Appalachia. Sponsored by Rural Policy Research Institute sub-award from the Office of Rural Health Programs, Department of Agriculture.
  • Belanger, K. H., Cheung, M., Cordova, W. (2012). The Role of Worker Support and Religious Support in African American Special Needs Adoption: The Bennett Chapel Experience. Adoption Quarterly, 15(3).
  • Belanger, K. (2012). Sustainable Communities: Social Connectedness and Social Capital. In J. Williams & W. Forbes (Eds.), Toward a More Livable World: Social Dimensions of Sustainability, Nacogdoches, TX: Stephen F. Austin State University Press.
  • Belanger, K. Plitt-Donaldson, L. (2012). Catholic Social Teachings: Principles for the Service and Justice Dimensions of Social Wok Practice and Higher Education. Social Work & Christianity, 39(2), 119 – 127.
  • Belanger, K. & Smith, O. M. (2012). “To All People of Good Will”: Catholic Social Teaching, Natural Law, and Racial Disproportionality in Social Work. Social Work & Christianity, 39(2), 204 – 226.
  • Belanger, K., Copeland, S. & Cheung, M. (2011). Challenging disproportionality through communities of faith. In D. Green, K. Belanger, R. McRoy & L. Bullard (Eds.) Challenging racial disproportionality in child welfare: Research, policy and practice. Arlington, VA: CWLA Press.
  • Belanger, K. (2006). Behavioral Health, Substance Abuse and Dual Diagnoses: a Comprehensive Needs Assessment of Current Processes, Difficulties and Targets for Solution in East Texas.
  • Belanger, K. & Smith, O. (2010). A faith informed model of moral decision making in social work. NACSW. Available at
  • Belanger, K., (Ed.) (2008). Rural Child Welfare [special issue]. Journal of Public Child Welfare , 1(4).
  • Belanger, K., Bullard, R. & Green, D., (Eds.) (2008). Racial disproportionality in child welfare [special issue]. Child Welfare, 87(2).
  • Belanger, K. (2003). Social justice in education for undocumented families: Texas House Bill 1403 and its implications for social workers. Journal of Family Social Work, 6(4).
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